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Tug it… toss it… roll it… float it! The Pitch Dog is made out of a unique proprietary material (not rubber) that is safe, nontoxic, scentless, lightweight, durable, strong, and does not damage or wear down your dog’s teeth and gums. And it’s fun!

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Our featured book!

Check out our new book! ‘How I Helped My Dog Get Over Car Sickness,’ is our  newest book sharing how Mum helped my bro, Rach, get over severe car sickness. It’s a thorough program that we hope will help your dog too!

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Our featured harness!

Made in England, this is the Original Fleece-Lined Harness, which was designed in 2004 by canine consultant and behaviorist Sally Hopkins of Dog Games. This harness is frequently recommended by vets, chiropractors, TTouch practitioners, dog trainers, and behaviorists from around the world.

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