Hi, it's me, Johann The Dog!

In August 2004, my birth mom and my four of my brothers and sisters arrived at the Southside Animal Shelter in Indianapolis, Indiana sometime in August 2004. We were rescued.

They think I was born on June 25th, 2004, but they don't know where, and that I'm a sheltie. The shelter folks named me Ben and my brother Jerry, funny huh? My new mom renamed me Johann, after Johann Sebastian Bach.

My birth mom raised us well, And all of us were adopted to wonderful, but different families. That doesn't make me sad, because as of September 3, 2004 I have a great new home and two new brothers Wiggy and Rach!

About JohannTheDog.com!

It all started in 2004 after my Mum adopted me. She decided to create a fun site about me and to share all the cool things I did with our buds.

Mum wanted to purchase the best, safest, most fun, durable and cool dog products for me that she could find. But she had a hard time finding those type of products back then. That's when JohannTheDog.com began. Over the years my site became one of the largest and most popular online dog product portals on the Internet!

Since we are an online dog product portal, all of the products and services offered on JohannTheDog.com are sold through other companies. That's why when you click on a product you go to their site.

Our goal is to bring together all the cool products we find all over the Internet, put them together in one place, so you don't have to search and search everywhere to find the best for your dog. We love the companies we work with and have purchased many items from them in the past. They pass the 'Johann paw of approval.' And the best part? We donate 10% of the profits of Johann The Dog, Inc., to dog shelters and rescues.

We hope you enjoy the site! Paw around and see all the cool products, check out my cool blogs, and learn, have fun, and enjoy.

And if you get the chance email us and let us know how we're doing. We'd love to hear from you!

About me!

Breed: I have my ILP with the AKC as a Bi-Black Shetland Sheepdog

Weight: 18 lbs.

Height:15.75 inches

Birthday: 6-25-2004

Gotcha Day: 9-3-2004

Favorite Food: Organic Free Range Chicken, tracheas, peanut butter

Favorite Toy: 5" Squeaky Basketball

Favorite Pastime: Agility - Training since June 1, 2005; competing in USDAA since December 30, 2005, and AKC since May 13, 2006. I also like to herd sheep when I get the chance, but Mum says I can't be controlled around the critters.

My Family: My Mum is Leslie May, president and CEO of my company, and pack leader to our great pack. I have a fun Cattle Dog/BC bro, named Rach; and a cool kittie bro named Wiggy. We are a fun, energetic, and loving family.

USDAA Titles

SJ, 4-21-2006
SS, 5- 7-2006
SG, 6-4-2006
SSA, 7-1-2006
AD, 7-1-2006
AJ, 9-10-2006
AS, 10-13-2006
AR, 10-14-2006
AG, 4-27-2007
ASA, 4-28-2007
AAD, 4-28-2007
JM, 8-18-2007
MAD, 4-19-2008
JCH, 8-17-2008
RM, 10-11-2008
SAM, 10-12-2008
MG, 4-12-2013
SM, 3-2-2014
SCH, 3-2-2014
SCH-B, 3-2-2014
PGC, 4-13-2018

ADCH, 3-2-2014
PDCH, 12-31-2017

2007 USDAA World Cynosport Games Grand Prix and Steeplechase Qualifier

2008 USDAA World Cynosport Games DAM Team Qualifier - 15th place at NE Regionals

AKC Titles

NA, 6-9-2006
NAJ, 6-9-2006
OAJ, 6-25-2006
OA, 7-8-2006
AX, 9-4-2006
AXJ, 9-4-2006
MX, 9-21-2007
MXJ, 9-21-2007

MACH, 5-21-2011

CGC, 8-30-2008